L5 II Camera Product Review :)

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Product: LG L5 II

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Review: L5 II’s 5-megapixel camera produces images which are crisp and vivid given sufficient lighting. The phone is not pricey at all. If you’re on a budget, LG L5 II’s phone camera is a good substitute for a digital camera. However, I only gave it four stars because the camera is bit sensitive to changes in the amount of light. But this isn’t a big issue because the camera flash fixes everything.



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Amazon changed the tablet game late last year with the introduction of the Kindle Fire (see our Kindle Fire review), a $199 7-inch tablet that – while limited by a slim offering of apps and lower-end hardware – really upended the lower end of the market and proved a dramatic success.

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No other manufacturer could compete on both price and features until Google and Asus dropped the similarly priced Nexus 7 this summer. The gorgeous screen, sleek form factor, and pure Android 4.1 UI made Amazon’s once-impressive entry seem immediately antiquated, but we all knew the online retail juggernaut wouldn’t rest on its laurels for long.

While the standard Kindle Fire has been lightly revised and reissued for a mere $159, the new Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s true effort to fight off the Nexus 7 and upcoming Nook HD. With a totally new build, notably enhanced display, and front-facing…

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