Power Pocket shorts can charge your phone using kinetic energy from walking


You’ve got separated from your friends at a festival and the battery on your shiny phone is as flat as the singer on stage.

But the answer to finding your mates in the mass of people may actually lie in your, er, pants.

A special pair of denim shorts and sleeping bag have been created that convert body heat and movement to create energy.

The Power Pocket gathers kinetic energy when material in the clothing gets squashed or deformed to produce enough power to charge a phone for four hours.

The Recharge Sleeping Bag, meanwhile, harvests heat that can keep festivalgoers talking for 11 hours.

Researchers from Southampton university have developed the devices with support from Vodafone.

Prof Stephen Beeby said: ‘We’re exploring two specific technologies to charge the Power Pocket – thermoelectrics and kinetic energy harvesting.

‘Both represent cutting edge research around smart fabrics and, in this case, we’re…

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